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Internship Program



Junior Executive Internship


The Family Investment Group (FIG) Junior Executive Internship Program is designed to develop a team of highly qualified Junior Executive Interns that would be capable of contributing at the full-performance level with a high degree of trading skills and a broad understanding of the total (FIG) mission.
Junior Executive Intern positions require 25 profitable trades in a row with the minimum of 20 pips per trade.  Therefore in order to become a Junior Executive you must be able  to trade 25 profitable trades in a row with the minimum of 20 pips per trade. If you are unable to be established, or to sustain, the appropriate requirement for your position, you may be separated from employment with Family Investment Group (FIG). The first year of the Junior Executive Internship Program will serve as a probationary/trial period for interns in accordance with the hiring authority.

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