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We Help Change People Lives

The Family Investment Group (FIG) is designed to empower and develops investors as a team of highly qualified forex traders that would be capable of winning 50 to 100 trades in a row without a loss . Family Investment Group (FIG) mission is to create thousands of trader that are not just profitable but wealthy and credit that success to the team at Family Investment Group by year end 2017. The process we use to accomplish our goal to build wealthy traders is to provide the highest quality of education. We will “show” traders how, not just “tell” them.

The Family Investment Group was founded by Daniel Brooks in 2012.  He had a vision to provide quality and transparent information to the Forex Traders.  The Family Investment Group is a family owned company whose mission is to empower traders to be more profitable in the Forex Market through our winning, tested, and proven strategies which have been successful to the Family Investment Group members. Trading Forex is a fun and energetic lifestyle. We teach traders to trade with confident and patience.  The goals of the  Family Investment Group  are to help people to change their lives and how to trade successfully.

We are a group of Forex Traders who have been dedicated to helping others learn and conquer these challenges in the Forex Market. The Family Investment Group is growing tremendously and considered to be one of the educational resources for Forex traders. The Family Investment Group team has helped multiple traders on how to become successful in using the tools for the Forex Market. The Family Investment Group is a resource for traders and we are also responsible for providing one of the best Forex trading system that you can learn.  We also offer premium services for those traders who need an extra push.  We believe in helping other traders to become profitable.  We know how difficult trading is and we want to help others see success. As investors, Family Investment Group believes in having multiple streams of income and we want to help our traders to have that same mindset.

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